Collar bone backup

For this, you need to keep your head at level with the floor and proceed to bring it back a few inches to allow the throat muscles to contract and relax. You can start with three sets of ten reps, and gradually build up to more as you get more comfortable.

Neck curl up

First, lie down with your tongue pressed on the roof of the mouth. Then you will have to bring the chin to your chest and lift your head off the ground about 2 inches. Make sure that you’re not lifting your stomach or poking your chin out. Three sets of ten repetitions should be ideal.

Chin lift

If you’re looking to reduce extra facial fat other than just toning your jawline, this exercise is key. Close your mouth, and proceed to push your lower jaw out, lifting your lower lip. This will stretch the muscles in the jawline and under the chin. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then relax. Do three sets of 15 reps. 

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